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Hi all,

Curious if there are 48 mic pres available or if channels 45-48 have to be line-level inputs.

The two stereo channels can use mic preamps from dSNAKE or surface, but the gain will be shared across the pair.

1. What becomes of the extra expander port on the GLD mixer when the AB168 is attached to the AR2412? Local ME-1 port, offline or something else?

In firmware V1.4 we changed the way dSNAKE naming and numbering works to accommodate the new AB168, as some had spotted after release. You can now assign as many as 24 in / 12 out from your main dSNAKE device i.e. the one directly connected to the GLD dSNAKE port, as well as up to 16 in / 8 out from your dSNAKE Expander (an AR84 or AB168 plugged into the Expander port of the main device, be it an AR2412 or AB168), AND up to 8 in / 4 out from the local Surface Expander. The I/O tabs reflect this arrangement.

Attached to this post is a document showing all possible dSNAKE combinations with Qu and GLD. Hopefully this will answer some of the other questions.

2. Hoping that A&H adds an AR168 unit for permanent installs. The AB168 design is a nice stage drop idea, but it will make for more work when used with a UPS. If the ports were front/rear, adding rack ears wouldn’t be a huge issue. Having the ports on the side means a completely different physical design will be required.

The AB168 is only 411mm wide (including the rubber bumpers). The rack ears are designed to leave all extra space on the right for accessing the mains and EtherCon sockets.

Hope this helps.

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