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Thanks for the updates. This is exciting news. In the GLD Editor, I see that you can choose to activate a maximum of 40 inputs and 30 outputs–mixing and matching between the AR2412, AB168 (or AR84), the Expander AR84, and Surface. The benefit of using the AB168 with a GLD system is that you can now put more i/o on stage if you want to deactivate the i/o on the back of the mixer. I can see a benefit to having 48 xlr inputs if I don’t need RCA. Curious if there are 48 mic pres available or if channels 45-48 have to be line-level inputs.

A few other questions still linger for me:

1. What becomes of the extra expander port on the GLD mixer when the AB168 is attached to the AR2412? Local ME-1 port, offline or something else?

2. Hoping that A&H adds an AR168 unit for permanent installs. The AB168 design is a nice stage drop idea, but it will make for more work when used with a UPS. If the ports were front/rear, adding rack ears wouldn’t be a huge issue. Having the ports on the side means a completely different physical design will be required. Again, I am all for the new product. It makes a lot of sense for the mobile QU series. I can also see a lot of uses for the GLD users as well.

Looking forward to the official launch today. Great work A&H. Keep it up!