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Do the ME’s work any better/different on the GLD vs the iLive?

My understanding is that channel labels are picked up only from a dSnake connection… so GLD channel labels will show up on the ME units but iLive channel labels won’t.

If you can live with the input count and lack of multi-band compressor, the GLD is the better choice in all other respects. The off-line editor software is much nicer on the GLD in my opinion, and your existing Aviom boxes can go straight into the monitor output of the GLD.

On the topic of input count–you should note that while a maxed-out GLD has 48 input sockets, there are only 44 mic preamps (the other four channels are a pair of stereo line-level inputs), a little *smaller* than your GL3800. On the other hand, FX returns don’t tie up inputs so depending on your typical deployment of FX you might actually have more usable mic preamps with a GLD.

If you have something reasonably self-contained like a drama taking up a bunch of channels, it might also work to patch those in through Dante (some newer wireless mics have the option, or buy an analog/Dante converter) since you can change the I/O patching with scene changes. Just an idea if you find yourself needing over 48 channels occasionally but never more than 48 at any one time.