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I agree with do more with less when that is what you have now. But when a Church in this case is making an investment that they will be using for years, that is the time to plan accordingly which is what Jason is doing so that the investment meets their needs for years.

We are working with a church now that is limited to 32 channels of analog and they are submixing drums to one channel using a small preamp mixer that has no channel EQ. They have the channels available on the mixer for the weekly services, but any special service causes them to use the sub mixer – which finally put them in the mindset to just leave it that way. We will be working with them to get out of that mindset as the drums don’t sound very good, but that is one of the downsides of not enough channels. This also depends on the staff or volunteer folks you have at the Church and their level of expertise.

Anyways Jason, let us all know what you end up doing and how it progresses and if we have to peak at the ilive forum in the future.