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Take an event where you need 53 inputs for the event – BUT at any given time never max out if 48. Also, and like most church related events, you have a short time to load another show/scene in the GLD between set changes or during a short break or…… THEN you can use Dante to handle some of the “over flow” with I/O or wireless units with Dante or..

Dante inteface is useful in other ways for multichannel recording, virtual soundchecks etc. But there is a price like anything else.

For GCumbee’s example, as long as they stay withing the 48 channels, a patchbay on stage would make sense – although anyone today that maxes out at 48 channels and is buying a new mixer is limiting any future growth and that is a pretty high risk in my estimation and I would try to steer a client to invest in the future. Way too many clients max out way to fast as they start implementing new technology or have more and bigger events that require more channels.