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Hi Jason,

I have an iLive in my venue. I use it several times a week and love the system. I’ve only mixed one time on the GLD so my ability to compare is somewhat limited. The iLive has much more flexibility with input counts. With dual mixracks you can get up to 128 inputs. The ability to use the xDR-16 expander is also extremely nice. The xDR makes for a quick stage box to drop on stage and it also adds the ability to have another card slot. There are a few more features on the iLive, like the multi-band comps, dynamic eq, side chain inputs for gates/comps. It also has a de-esser for each channel.

The big difference is the I/O though. If you are really fine with 48 inputs then frankly I think the GLD is the better value. The GLD is a new system and has faster DSP and a better editor and iPad app.