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i wish you a lot of fun at your 15h event! That sounds like hard work! And i’m interested to hear how it worked!

Actually i would recommend you the GLD-112, i think it’s faster, easier to use and it sounds great! You just have to know that the channel count is fix, so if you ever need more than 48CH you have to use a sub-mixer! With the iLive T112 you have more flexibility! Please check as well the Scene options! I think you can set more options in a iLive System than in a GLD! That may be useful for your application!?

After ca.50Jobs with my GLD-80 i’ve never experienced problems with the display-angle or the contrast.. maybe i have a better chair than GCumbee ;D However, i love to work with the GLD-80! It’s so fast to work with it in every situation!