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Jason –
Do you need/want a digital snake or are you going to stick with copper? How many returns will you need? Will you be mixing monitors from FOH at any time? Will the system be moved occasionally? How many channels do you REALLY need? I’ve never needed more than 44 channels for a single event in the last 30+ years… If you need a high channel count, the idr64 will be “future-proofed” in that regard (the T112 is only a surface, any mixrack can be used).

Things such as sound quality, ease of use, fx, eq, etc. can be highly subjective and vary depending on application, venue and so forth. I have only used the iLive-T systems, so I can’t speak to these attributes on the GLD, I doubt any difference would be significant enough to be a deal breaker. I’ve been fully pleased with the iLive-T performance. Either system is a large step up from the GL3800.

-Tim Tyler