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@detonator – I have read all of the info on the A&H site and watched pretty much all of the training videos for both platforms. It’s pretty easy to see what the “features” are on paper – I wasn’t sure if out in the real world one was significantly better than the other. Sounds like the GLD *may* actually be nicer to work on – I gather faster boot times, maybe faster scene changes, faster navigation on screen, better feeling build quality, nicer offline editor, etc.

Is it possible to have more than 48 inputs on a GLD system? I know some other companies will allow considerably more inputs, but you can only mix a subset of them. That might be a possibility for us – if we could have say 64 physical inputs but only mix 48, that could be a possibility (especially if the inputs being used could be swapped with scene changes). From what I remember, it seemed like the GLD architecture is very “fixed” – (1) AR2412 and (2) AR84. Are there any additional capabilities beyond that (aside from getting inputs from Dante elsewhere)?