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One of the things that annoys me a bit right now is that we have a 48 channel board, but because we don’t want to have to re-patch stuff all the time, we end up unnecessarily limiting ourselves. We leave a bunch of wireless mics and un-used vocal mics plugged in “in case we need them”, while at the same time limiting the number of drum mics we’re using (or not running keyboards in stereo, etc) because we don’t have room on the board. If nothing else, having 64+ inputs would allow us to leave everything plugged in, and just build appropriate shows/layers with what we’re actually using that week. Similarly, we only run one reverb and one delay unit, because we don’t have enough aux sends/returns (3 are wasted on stage monitor sends that never get used, others are used to sub mix stuff to send to the Avioms). So while we could “get by” with the GLD, I’m also fairly certain we’d find useful ways to put the extra inputs and outputs to use on an iLive.

My main concern outside of the I/O was whether there were significant sound quality and usability differences between the GLD and iLive lines. Seems like the feature sets is very comparable. In my mind it seems like the GLD ought to have some other limitations, as it is built to a lower price point. However, I guess the iLive line is several years older, so maybe the price of technology has just come down in that time and fewer quality sacrifices had to be made to the GLD line to meet the price point. Speaking of which… are there any substantiated rumors that an updated iLive line may be coming out soon? Would kind of stink for a new system to come out right after we purchased the older one.