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I waited to see if there were going to be any other responses. I am a new dealer and considered whether to go with an iLive in addition to the GLD for my own uses. I had worked on a iLive once and went to a training seminar last year. One thing I considered was portability. I wanted something I could move easily. But that aside I looked at all things. I asked on the old forum the differences and basically was told what I expected. If you have the need to ever go above 48 channels then you should consider iLive. Yes there is the dynamics(Dessers), Multiband Comps, larger meters. I do like the angled chassis. Better viewing angles which I DON’T like about GLD. I have asked for a contrast adjustment but that might be a problem if it IS a hardware thing. Almost impossible to read screen and strip LCDs sitting in a normal chair.

Aside from all that I think the logical choice is the GLD. I recently got a 112 and and 80. Using them together next weekend for a 15hr live TV show to do the on air mix. The 112 in configured for 48input and the 80, 32. I fully feel they will be perfect for the need. Afterwards the 112 is going in a church TV broadcast booth on trial. The GLD’s sound great, love the EQ’s and FX. The verbs are much better than I expected. I have owned real plates, large studio Lexicon verbs and I feel these are about as good as anything I have ever heard. I have not mixed anything live yet so next weekend will be the real test. I plan to start pitching them harder. I have already had several churches over to see the test setup. Everyone is very impressed. It is just amazing how much is crammed into that chassis…I think you will be very happy with it and use that left over money to buy something else…

George Cumbee
Mid-America Communications Audio and Video
Paducah, KY USA