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Where are you based? I’d recommend you contact our local distributor for immediate assistance, but here are a few tips:

– Make sure you have bridged the ACE card ‘Control Network’ port into one of the Network ports, at both the iDR and Surface side.
– Reset the network settings of both rack and Surface by holding down the recessed Reset switch on the CPU (Network) module whilst powering up.
– Check you are running the same firmware version on rack and Surface. If needed, download the latest version from our website and update the devices.
– Try a shorter Cat5e cable if none of the above help. Should this fail too, try connecting the iDR10 Network to the Surface Network (bypassing ACE) – this way you should get full control of the iDR but no local audio.

Remember you can always drive the iDR off Editor or MixPad should the Surface still fail to connect.

Should you need clarification on any of the above, check out the iLive training videos on our Youtube channel.

Hope this helps.