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You are correct in all of the above. The IDR has the Multi digital out card in two of the 10 slots and the idr32 is used as slave. The IDR8 crashes and stops passing signal when the digital audio IN link is connected…whether it is on the network or not. I have been limping along with using the analog outs on the idr 10 and the idr 32 via copper mults into the analog ins on the idr8.
We are closing our current show on Sunday and I will start work shortly after on Les Mis with full orchestrations (14 players in the pit) and 30 rf mics. As you can imagine, I need as many outputs as can be. I think I will be using the two mixracks in foh/mon mode with tunneling over ace so I can have more busses available, since I will be eating at least 14 with monitor mixes for the pit.