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First. Press the FX master buttons on the right side say Fx 1. This sets up the faders to send levels from the channels to the fx. That is your send level.

Now go to the top layer bank. From the left you have the 3 ST faders then FX returns. Press the stereo fader mix button. The return faders send faders should be up. Say to ‘0’. All the mix buss masters as well. Now that gets your fx to the stereo main out.

While on that layer press each mix buss. Start with mix 1. The return faders should be up to a desired level. Do that for each mix buss you want that effect.

As for insert. That is done on the fx page. Say install a delay on fx 2. Now go to the upper right button that says FRONT. Press it to get BACK. In there you can select the effect to be an insert and point it to the channel you want. Then at bottom there is a wet/drop mix slider to set the amount you want inserted on that channel

This is all a bit confusing at first but after awhile it becomes second nature.

Hope that helps.