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Nicola A&H

Hi Tyler,

Mackie Control – have you followed all steps of the DAW Control setup notes for Qu-16? If so please open a ticket with our Support team and perhaps attach a screenshot of your Control Surfaces / Setup window and one of your Environment / Clicks and Ports window.

Audio routing – when you select a track in Logic you should see some details in the track inspector.

To set the source, click and hold on ‘Input’ under I/O, then hover over Input and release to select the required input. For example Input 1 for Qu-16 Mono Channel 1.

To set a different destination, click and hold on ‘Output’, then hover over ‘Output’ and release to select the required output or bus. This is likely to be either the corresponding Qu-16 channel or a master bus in Logic, depending on your workflow.

You might find this easier by starting a new, empty project. The New Tracks window should open automatically. To start with, enter ’16’ as the number of tracks, ‘Audio’ as the type, ‘Mono’ as the format. Select Input/Input 1 and Output/Mono/Output 1, tick both ‘Ascending’ option boxes, then click Create. This way each track will be sourced from and routed to the corresponding Mono Channel on Qu-16.