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Dear All,
i like the passion and i read your replies with great interest and i and we do not get offended by critic at all, but just want to learn and grow and move forward. If anyone here finds that we are twisting the truth, making false statements, or going in any way unethical about how we promote the products, i strongly advice to not buy any of our products unless we can proof your opinion wrong. I totally agree that after sales service is a major component of a purchase decisions and with my own experience in the past 25 years i am quite proud to vouch for this side of the Allen & Heath business. Same as for us, you have to be wise in your purchase decisions and comparing and evaluating is a good thing. Just keep it fair and factual and try not to make statements based on assumptions or hearsay please. Cheers, Alex
p.s. if you need a answer or response to something specific, then the support center is open 24/7. And you normally also get very good support from our local distributors crew.