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Boys and Girls – from the Home Page of this “Digital Community” –

“A social network for USERS to share experiences, exchange ideas, read up and learn.” USERS.

I don’t own a QU (or GLD), but I see that probably 90% of the posts are about the QU, and many are thoughtless, inane and would be solved if the poster would RTFM. No, there are no subgroups, there are no electronic scribble strips, there is no sophisticated scene management, no sidechaining, no “extra channels” by using a stagebox, no pads on the channels, no 6-channel PEQ on any outputs, and these features ARE NOT universally found on “most other mixers”.

The QU-16 is a tool, it has specific features and capabilities. Suggestions for new features are encouraged, but I have yet to see any single feature that is the “Holy Grail” that the poster always seems to demand… for those of you who proudly (an repeatedly) declare they are in a “trial basis” situation, good luck – the amount of logical investigation (or lack of) you put into the QU will be no different than that which you will put into the competition.

I’ve been quite pleased with my A&H digital mixers (T112/idr48, R72/idr32) and have seen an amazing amount of refinements and new features and functions every single year. FOR FREE. A&H listens, and if they don’t respond on this forum to every concern of every forum member, perhaps it’s a message to show some patience and do some homework.

end of rant

Tim Tyler
Detonator Sound
Richmond, Va