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Well, let’s be fair. The QU-16 is finished as soon as it provides all the features listed in the sales pitch. A&H has shown that they have released bug fixes when needed, and they have released featured that were promised.

I think we who are here in order to figure out whether to buy this unit or not will have to reside to what we know. To what the unit delivers now. If you want you can also weigh in the promises from A&H of it being “future proof”, but I don’t think it is fair of us to demand more than what’s in the specification. We can’t really complain about features not promised being absent.

However, there are cheaper units out there as well as more expensive ones. If A&H wants to let us glimpse what is behind the curtain in order to make the scale tip over to their favour is totally their decision. We can get angry about that, but there is no need to post that anger here because that will only make A&H spend resources here instead of where _we_ really want them to be spent (on groups, naming, M$ compatibility etc). 🙂