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hi Alex,

I’m sure the decisions concerning your last firmware update were made at least a couple of weeks ago. We were asking here for example for channel naming the last weeks. Why don’t just state that this feature is planned for the next firmware upgrade as soon as this is decided? Or at least as soon as it is more or less implemented? I can’t imagine that less than 50% of the new features in your last firmware upgrade weren’t almost ready or decided to be implemented a couple of weeks ago.

I think everybody understands that a serious company has to make smart decisions. That’s not the point. The problem here is just how A&H has decided to communicate such decisions: through stating that a new firmware has been released. In the mean time: nothing.

Your argument that we should enjoy how cool the Qu-16 is… sorry. I can’t say nothing about that keeping my post encouraging, as you request. Some of us are evaluating this unit as well as your support because in the case of a digital unit with an unfinished firmware (like the Qu-16) you have to trust the company you buy from that they will finish the software to render the product to something you would like to buy. Please don’t twist this to stating that we get ‘even more’ without paying extra. The situation is: can we trust that you will *complete* the work and buy the unit *before* that?

Sorry if I’m not being encouraging as you request. I think your argumentation is the one of a sales person. That might not be encouraging but it’s sincere. I prefer the last.