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Hi all,

i could not resist to add my 2 cents on this topic. First of all i think the tone of the postings needs to be kept friendly and encouraging. We did not install the community and platform for us to then ignore the postings, but now is a very active and busy time and with all efforts going into releasing new features, sometimes the communication lacks behind, but there is never any bad intention. I know first hand that patience is not a gift that most of us, me included, are blessed with, but from what i know, all your input is highly valuable and always considered for integration.

However we want to do smart decisions and many times this means weighing the benefits against the downside and giving a few users something they want, might create a mountain of support cases for all the other users. QU is still a very young platform and is being continuously updated and upgraded with more and more features to come, so there will be more opportunities to feedback input and requests to Allen & Heath and the door is always open. For now enjoy how cool and powerful QU-16 already is and in the future enjoy how much more you will be getting for paying nothing extra. I dare to call that a smart investment.

Cheers all and happy wednesday, Alex