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Scene memories include channel ganging, names and colours, delays, strip assignment, channel processing, FX, preamp and digital source, mutes levels & assignments, option card settings, Softkey and PL assignments, Talkback HPF, patchbays. The actual list may vary slightly depending on firmware version. Have a look at the Edit window in the Editor or Surface Scenes screen for an up-to-date list of parameters and settings.

Show memories include all current parameters, system DSP and control configuration, all 250 Scenes and some user preferences. See list below:

Current Settings – Includes all the current mix parameters, processing parameters, preamp settings, names and colours, patching, effects, clock source, talkback and signal generator settings, and Surface strip assignments.

Mix Configuration – The way the MixRack has been configured. Includes the current mix bus architecture, channel stereo assignments and global direct output source.

User Preferences – Several user options including Scene switch enable, latching Talk switch, LCD value display, linking fader banks.

All Scenes – The names, contents and descriptions of all the Scene memories are stored within the Show. Recalling a Show overwrites the Scene list with the Scenes stored in the Show being recalled.

All Libraries – The user Libraries are stored within the Show. These overwrite the current libraries on recall. Note that the User Libraries can be separately stored to and recalled from USB memory key.

Settings NOT stored in the Show:
– Network settings
– Fader / Bank Linking
– PAFL preferences
– Temperature units
– LCD contrast
– Event Logs
– Current User
– User Profiles and passwords

Hope this helps.