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I had thought about replying to this yesterday but felt it was so complicated and so many areas to consider I was not sure. I agree with Chris. Sounds to me like you have a gain structure problem overall. You should be able to tweak down the levels on the boards and bring the amps up on the speakers a little more and correct that. I am assuming there is nothing else in between the board and the powered speakers?

With regard to overall sound quality you just have to get out there in front and hear for yourself. I never take the word of anyone unless I really trust their knowledge. Surely in a sound check you can drop out and see how it sounds. Or get someone who is a musician or sound engineer you trust. You can’t judge it on stage on the backside of the cabinets. As for the phase thing I am with Chris too. Something weird there. Make sure all of you balanced cables are wired the same and everything is the same. Lines to speakers etc. I have seen one cable out of phase make things sound out.

Thanks GC,
I think you’re spot on with the soundcheck suggestion. I always get out front with some of our previously recorded material. As I mentioned in my previous post, when I auditioned the mix during our soundcheck last night, it sounded great.
I would like to check the cables to be sure they’re all OK. I’m not certain exactly how to do this. Is it simply checking to be sure Pin 1 to Pin 1, Pin 2 to Pin 2, etc? Just a simple cable tester?

You have a pretty complicated setup. There is a lot of room for problems if everything is not happy.

Yea, sometimes I’m wondering if I’m making more work than necessary. The drum sound we get is pretty awesome. Superior Drummer software really let’s us dial things in where the drums sound completely real, maybe better. But now I’m wondering if the modern drum modules available (Roland, D-Drum, 2 Box) might equal the Superior Drummer sound quality, without all the hassle of added software and hardware components.