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Red is bad, but if it’s not audible it it’s not really a problem. What sort of input levels do you have coming into all your other channels? Do you run the drums extremely loud in the mix?

What vocals mics do you use and how much gain do have set on them?

If you can’t get stuff loud enough without running into clipping it would suggest a lack of gain in your PA. How much headroom have you got left in the PA after the GLD clips? If you can turn the PA up and turn the GLD down that should take care of the problem. You could also put a limiter on the drum channels. Turn the input gain down 6dB, set a limiter at -6dBFS shortest attack and release, highest ratio, and put 5dB of output gain on it. It won’t clip but will affect the sound.

Clipping the main outs could certainly make it sound “less articulate”, but it’s unlikely to be the issue if it’s only “tickling the red when the snare is hit”. Stupid suggestion, but if something was “drifting in and out of phase” I’d be having a look at the FX rack. 🙂

Do you record the shows?