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Great news. I think we will all be curious to hear what the findings are. This could affect everyone. I am going into a long weekend on 9,10 with a 15hr Telethon using a 112 and an 80 for TV mix. It will be my first use of the boards since becoming a dealer and my first time in almost 40yrs of work to use digital boards. I am looking forward to it and a little concerned also. I could almost do it on one 48in so if one fails and I can’t just restart it I can be down for a little while and repatch sockets and get back up with a few less mics. I will have another analog board there also. If it were not a live TV show it would be different. I have been testing the two boards for awhile and have yet to make them crash but I have not had a lot of sources going all at once either.

Keep us posted…