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From another point of view:

The virtual sound check (VSC) is a great way to experiment with sound effects and program scenes without tiring the talent. There are times I wish I could experiment with 10 different reverbs (or what ever) on a voice or instrument. It is handy as heck to have the signal on the exact channel/gain you will be using in performance then write a scene memory for in-performance recall and have a darned good idea it will work artistically.

Unless the audio engineer running the mixer is isolated from the sound source during performance, of course the stage bleed will be missing unless clever use of extra record/playback equipment is used. I would only experiment once and probably not again try to capture stage bleed but it would be fun once.

Maybe in the application I describe VSC is the wrong term but since it is included in allot of systems why not get the most advantage out of it.

By the way. I would like to add my voice for an inexpensive option card adapted from an existing product that would record 18 channels to a USB device. That would be the cats meow or the bees knees. There can still be more expensive cards for full channel count recording.