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I don’t know if that is possible based on hardware alone. Maybe. I know I installed a Roland V-Mixer with personal mixers down in FL years ago for another company friend of mine. That system does or did configure the PM’s from the console. I was not completely involved in that part. They brought in a Roland rep to do it since I was so involved in the complete sound install that had a 1 week window. I know it was a bit of a challenge to get setup. I think the PM’s each had their own IP address and popped up in the config screen individually and you could send to each what you wanted and do the layout. Once there it worked very well. But that is a much more expensive system both in the primary system and the PM’s are very pricey. I think it would be great if that could happen but might not be possible. Just guessing. I think if it were they would have included that from the roll out. Would have been a big part of the promotion. I am trying to move some people out of Aviom and into ME just for the shear 40 channels vs 16.