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Hello GCumbee,
You`re not off base on that.
LCR is basically used to spread the same mix across more than two speaker sources. Coming from analog desks, the Mono button would also only assign the same mix signal to another bus, be it the center between L/R or their additional sum. If you want different mixes, you will indeed have to go Aux or Matrix.

On GLD I also used Mono for a center cluster in the beginning but quickly went away from that for two reasons:
1- No different mixes (as you mentioned)
2- Much more important: Mono loses you one mix buss. As GLD busses are always assigned in pairs (like you cant open up any odd number of Auxes), choosing Mono simply drops its adjacent second bus and you`ll end up with a total max of 19!
Since 20 Busses seem plenty at first sight, I almost always run out of busses when feeding monitors, use GRPs to send to different MTX mixes for L/R-main PA, nearfills, center, balcony delay and Rec feed.

I can easily live with 20 fully processed outputs but would LOVE to see more GRPs available (at the cost of no OP processing) to be able to feed more different mixes.