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Hi All, i have had several occurrences of the desk locking up for various periods of times over the last year or so and most recently on friday night.

What i have gathered:
It has only done it with for shows where i am using a large amount of scenes. Current show has about 240 scene’s. Never if its a pub gig where scenes are not used.
Locks for anywhere between 10 seconds up to about a minute, then kicks in.
Control surface is completely unresponsive during this time but audio will still pass kick on.
It is somewhat rare, although i did have one show last year where it would happen almost every show, but the console was only being used for the band so i was lucky enough for it not to have a big impact on the show at all. I believe half way through the season there was a firmware release that fixed some issue’s with freezing on scene change, but had no effect for me.
Has happened in v1.2, v1.3 and now v1.4.

I will switch the console out this week for another, and also perhaps have the laptop connected for the shows in hope that if it does freeze i can at least keep using the soft buttons to cycle scenes.

Haven’t saved or looked at the log as yet :/ are they saved for long periods of time?

Also, i have a usb plugged in and load the show off of that each day. Perhaps i will just load the show and unplug it this time.

Hope we can get this resolved!

Ben Anderson