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Ok, i join the club today 🙁 my GLD80 it was sent back to Italy dealer for SSD change.
Good service about find the issue ( send LOGS to my contact, tell me in a couple of day that the SSD must be replaced), but now I HAVE TO KNOW wich is the main problem:
-are the SSDs a bad quality batch, so the problem is relatively easy to fix, changing supplier/type of component?
-are the problem caused by something else, for example some software bug (i’m just supposing…)?

In this year of using GLD, i always keep it in its case, alwais personally load in and out, so i’m sure that it doesn’t take any bash.
One thing that made me happy about GLD till now was is reliability, i had more time shows for 4 days with the GLD in full processing (46channels, all BUS full) without a issue, but now i’m a bit scared about the future: if the problem is a simple bad component (by the way, Avolites has some similar problem with bas UPS), for me is ok, but if the problem is in another place we need to know.
I refuse to do job with the scare that GLD may crash again…
I will very apreciate if somebody in A&H say something about this common issue.