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I thought I would post an update. Our GLD is back from warranty service and was used again for the first time this week. It seems to be running great. It was really good to get it back. We ended up having to send it back to A&H a second time as a result of a small snafu during the console servicing. We found that immediately after re-installing from the original service. So far we are back to normal now though.

A&H looks to be stepping up and paying for all freight except for the initial freight to them so this service will end up having cost us a fair bit less than that $1k. In the end they made things right though the process was more painful than I think it needed to be.

Ultimately I think A&H needs to get some factory authorized field service reps that are available for use without having to ship your console across the country.

Either way its nice to have the board back.