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7 Month old console froze pretty badly during a service, then completely crashed as soon as that service was over. I was seriously sweating it out. A&H corporate tech support stepped up immediately to replace the SSD (console spitting SSD errors out to screen.) However, the A&H national distributor wouldn’t ship me a loaner until they had mine. That was unacceptable as that room (permanent install) gets used multiple times per week and we couldn’t just live without it for for the transit time associated with sending ours down and getting a loaner back. Not to mention that its a *new* console. The only way A&H would ship a loaner beforehand so we could swap ours out was to invoice us first for that new loaner. Thankfully our sales rep stepped up and had A&H invoice their account instead of invoice us. We love our sales rep. We are however getting invoiced for freight, etc.

To add salt to the wound, in the end of this deal, we will have put out somewhere near $1K in freight to get *WARRANTY* service on our new ~$9K console. I am sure this warranty service will end up having cost us more than A&H. Why couldn’t a local rep just come and replace it at my location? Its just a computer that needed a new SSD. I am not sure whats more disconcerting, that this new console might end up being un-realiable or that if it has problems dealing with A&H will be an expensive and painful proposition. It can only get more expensive once its out of warranty.

We LOVE the GLD, its really perfect for us, but if we can’t trust it over time or trust A&H to support us in its use, then I wonder if we should have gone with Yamaha/Behringer/Avid. I need two more consoles in the near future and was just about sold on Qu. I might end up with LS9’s or X32’s after this experience.