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Hi Luca, we are lucky enough to have a close relationship with the A&H dealer in my area so he loaned us a GLD while the other was being repaired free of charge. I did time the repair in a Month that it would not be used in the hope that i would not need to lend a console, surely 4 weeks is enough to do a 1 hour job that the dealer could have easily done??

However it took 2 months for the Fix to be done, as well as a lot of phone calls and emails to TAG (Aus distributor) and the company doing the repair from both myself and the A&H dealer asking what the hell is going on. I calculated that if i had to hire a console for every gig i did not have it in this time it would have cost me about $1500.

Furthermore, the company tried to make me pay for it. I told them it was under warranty from a factory default and my dealer made sure they paid for all of the freight costs.
The only saving grace was that when i asked them to pull out the DANTE card and send it to me as i needed it to link 2 GLD’s and many other dante devices, and it would save rebuilding the DANTE network when i wanted to sub the repaired desk into a show it turned up the next morning.

Last but not least, there is a loose screw floating around inside the GLD i noticed straight away when we got it back, so what do i do about this? :/

I was initially impressed by the communication of the A&H tech support, TAG was good in that they recommended an authorised repairer much closer in the hope that the repair turnaround was fast however they were little help in ensuring the repair took place. It still took 3 weeks for the desk to turn up after i kicked up a fuss, and continued to question what was going on.

What are the inconsistencies with the A&H warranty John?