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Minor freeze here too.

This was my first freeze while in performance. It has paused at home while experimenting and exploring with allot of the features being used. Features like Dante connected microphone receivers, a multi-track recorder via Dante Virtual Sound Card, wireless router, GLD remote, GLD editor and both my AR boxes connected. The above freezes were the same as below.

This freeze was only about 15 seconds long during a performance. I was the only one to know it happened fortunately.

Here is the background. Running version 1.4 software which was loaded two or three boot cycles previously (a few days previous). That days system components were very basic. One AR2412, D-Snake and the GLD80. At the surface I had only the single D-Snake cable, Mains AC power, MP3 player, headphones and a local handheld microphone. USB sockets were not in use that day, no Ethernet and nothing else was connected to the GLD80. It was outdoors at the end of extension cords but I am POSITIVE I was the only person on that 20 amp circuit. My amplifiers and the entire band were on three other circuits. The electric service was modern and in good working order.

System played background music about 2 hours without issue. At the freeze, the band was performing. I was either adding names to the scribble strips or routing reverb to one of the channels, I forget which. The touch panel froze as did the soft keys. Audio passed unaffected. Fader levels responded normally. After the freeze, all returned to normal. I was able to rename inputs and modify the effects at will, without issue. Gig finished without reoccurrence of freeze.

Hmmmmmmm, interesting, yes?