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Last Sunday (4 May, 2014), i had the console freeze during a service (show). it did not come back to life, was frozen for well over 20 minutes!, and I had to power cycle it between services to get it come back to life. unfortunately, our turn around between services is very tight, so I did not have the luxury of booting it up in debug mode to see what happened.

One thing that *may* be a clue here, is that we record services to a USB thumb drive. the thumb drive was fairly, but not completely, full at the time the surface froze. fortunately, it froze in the middle of the message, so the main mic was life when it locked up.

Firmware = 1.40 – Rev 13807
Surface Board driver = 1.1
DSP Board driver = 1.3
Motor Fader Driver = 1.1`
Help set = 1.4.0
OS = 2.18