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I’m new to the forum, but my church has had a GLD-80 for about a year and a half now. Until a few weeks ago, our system consisted simply of a GLD-80 and a single AR2412. The GLD-80 was running 1.02. During Christmas Eve services this past year, the console surface froze for about 30 seconds, but audio passed through just fine. This was the first time I observed this problem

Several weeks ago, I upgraded to 1.4. seemed stable. A week later I added in an ME-1 system, with just 2 ME-1’s to start. This past Sunday, the console surface froze again during one of the services.

We use one configuration, one show file, and have a handful of presets (one for each operator). We’re a pretty “light” user in this regard. I might have been recording to the USB drive when this happened, and I know that I was actively changing layers and adjusting controls quickly when this happened. I looked through the log file after the console became responsive again, and did not see anything abnormal. If this happens again, I certainly will transfer the log and upload it to the support site as requested. I’ll see if I can grab the log file before I leave town later this week