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As of this afternoon I have an advanced replacement on it’s way and they have issued an RMA for this one. Factory guys and my rep were on top of it within minutes after I wrote them. I had a call from AMS. So I really appreciate them jumping on it. I have a big 15hr Telethon upcoming to use the 112 and 80 for TV mix so they understood my urgency. The board works fine as far as I can tell after it boots. I discovered this afternoon if you turn on the switch then right back off then back on they don’t light. But the board starts up very slow. Some other weird things happen. A normal power off then back on yields the problem, but then once fully booted it seems fine. I had another 80 delivered today so I am going to check it out..I have 2 80s now. One is rep demo going back..For the show I am doing a 80/32 and a 112/48 for TV master control and main stage.