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Hi Odesr,
I do this all the time,
use a reverb for the mains and a separate reverb for vocals in monitors.

Obviously, every musician can not have his own reverb, there just is not enough FX buses for that.

Choose a reverb for FX2.

reverb effect

From the “Back Panel” button, choose “Mix->Return”.

Return.png” alt=”mix” />

Select the FX2 (blue button) to the right of the L/R fader,


the faders will move and their position will indicate what is turned up into this FX.

On the left-hand side of the mixer, press and hold the “Prefade” button,

prefade buttons

you want all the green Select buttons to light.
If they don’t, keep holding the Prefade button and individually push every “Sel” button to make all the channels green (lit),
this will prevent the L/R faders from controlling levels of this FX2 reverb that you will use for monitors.

Now do the same thing, holding down the “Assign” button on the left-hand side of the mixer. All green “Sel” buttons should be lit.

Now, move each channel’s fader to the desired amount of reverb that you want to send to the “FX2″….. for monitors.
Also, make sure that the FX2 master fader is turned up at least halfway.

Almost done, choose the top “layer” select button.

layer select buttons

Push the mix select button (right-hand side of mixer) of the monitor mix where you want FX2 reverb to be heard. Turn up the FX2 “return” fader to the desired level for that mix,… repeat this for each musician’s monitor mix that wants vocal reverb.
Each time you elect a different mmix, the FX2 Return fader will move to reflect the level of FX2 heard in the mix selected.

Don’t forget to UN assign the FX2 Return from the L/R mix.
To do this, push the green L/R “Sel” button just above the L/R master fader.

Now push the bottom layer button for main mix,


next, push the FX2 mix select button (blue)
to un-assign FX2 return from L/R, push and hold the assign button, (left-hand side of mixer) the green “Sel’ light on FX2 Return should not be on, if it is, keep holding “assign” and tap the FX2 Return Sel button till the L.E.D light goes out.

Finally, you will have a dedicated reverb for monitors, but you must realize that when Bill asks for reverb in his monitor, and Jane wants reverb in her monitor too, the reverb will contain all the vocals that are “sent” to this common FX2 reverb.

I hope this is not confusing but helpful and clear.