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I think we are all in the same boat…

The concept is still good.
I often use the posibillity to have my components spread around the venue. On the other hand I still miss the perspective and some funktions. (multiple surfaces with one mixrack, harmonizer, pitch shifter, fade times, dynamic automation)
The idea to have a system of that kind, remember the posibility to route the traffic with standard network components, is still unique in the live sound rock and roll market (Lawo and Stagetec have similiar concepts with extreme prices), only AVID has something comparable. But Avid has smaller parts available with really modern technology (AVB) and is highly scalable and future proof. Only drawback is the Venue software.
One important thing that every other manufacturer missed (except Lawo and Stagetec again) is the possibility to connect digital microphones like the Neumann KM-D or Sennheiser 8000.
But on the other hand is the Qu-16 my desk at the moment, doing lot’s of comedy and small band gigs at a possible low price with best audio quality.

I don’t know…maybe we have to wait…but some of use will not wait till the end. If I think about it I get frustrated.