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I recently picked up a y****a CL5 to meet more rider demands and to have a dedicated monitor setup off my iLive rig (via Dante, iLive still run FOH when i’m mixing). I have no intention of dropping my iLive rig but it is getting harder and harder for me to want to spend any more money on it or recommend it. In a “bang for your buck” comparison the CL5 seems to be taking the lead (at least in my view) which saddens me. I grew up working on A&H since I was 12 and I enjoy using their gear. I agree, it would be nice to see some sign of life for the continued development of the iLive line. I understand that the original hardware spec is getting a little old and i hope there will be some kind of upgrade path (I’m ok with paying for some hardware upgrades and even a major software upgrade if necessary).

The iLive is starting to feel like the Mac Pro was/is to Apple.