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Well, I have not seen or heard of any mass exodus “yet” of people unloading their iLive rigs.
That does not mean dealers or distributors are not dumping inventory.

If in fact there is going to be a replacement, I really hope they do a similar program like Ya***a with a trade up policy for T-Series.

It is disappointing not seeing any discussion from staff on the topic.

2-1/2 years ago, a forum staff member did in fact state, there were no plans on discontinuing iLive. This was around when GLD was arriving. It does not necessarily mean that thought process has changed today, especially since they have new owners. I cannot find the archived post, as you cannot search that anymore- but I did get as far as this one.

I agree with DrewM, someone at A&H should at least hint or say something.

This is another reason to rethink the brand, if in fact we are getting hosed.