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Yes, it is true. Or at least it feels like its true. Just take the QuPad app which is FREE. It’s more responsive, easier to handle and more robust in terms of WiFi drop outs than the iLive app for which I paid a lot of money. Even compared with other systems like X32 the iLive app can do many things less. And still those other apps are free. The reasoning for charging nearly 100 bucks for the app was that it replaces a surface. But it doesn’t. No FX editing, no routing, no… So the PC editor could replace a surface, because it can do all that and much more. Oddly enough it’s FREE.
To get back to the point: The app is a great example for what’s wrong with the iLive system. I own two complete systems. But sometimes I have to be envyous seeing what a GLD or X32 and in some cases even a Qu can do. And the iLive is still supposed to be top of the line! I have a very strong feeling that the iLive is pretty much abandoned right now. Some of the V1.9 features were missing the point why people wanted them, pthers come at a price too high to use them regularly. It’s so sad… A&H adds more and more products to the digital lines and the same people seem to be programming the software, which means less time is spent on enhancing the iLive software. See the pricing, look at what you get for a used iLive system. If I sell my T80 and iDR32 I couldn’t even afford a new GLD80, yet I’m supposed to pay triple of what a Qu16 costs for a R72, a surface with less knobs, less motor faders, far worse usability and no DSP power at all. Being an iLive user sucks right now. Would you care to fix that, A&H?