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Yes, I actually do expect the iLive to get upgrades. I did not ask for them to be free, especially if changes of hardware would be necessary (which have been done before, so it’s proven to be doable). It was stated that there are people still buying iLive systems. If that’s so, where is the fairness in providing only the systems at much lower prices with updates, new features etc.?

Maybe there will be a follow up series to the iLive taking the flagship spot. Maybe there will be an updated iLive system partially compatible with the old one. Without a doubt there are still some more or less easy to implement features that would have been great assets. Things people don’t know they’d like until they have them or tried them somewhere else. It COULD still be a current system, but giving all R&D power to the cheaper series is making the iLive an outdated system, more outdated by the minute. That’s ok for jobs you did before and will have again, but it’s really bad for jobs you’re trying to get in the future. The problem now is with A&H information policies. Yes, if you want to still sell iLives you can’t tell about the upcoming iLive2… but that’s thinking on a much to small scale (a feeling I had with Qu and GLD already, seeing some system seller features missing). The iLive isn’t a system for “loyalist” small companies which grew up on A&H desks, it’s a system for people earning AND spending serious money in this biz. If those people see their numbers of newly acquired jobs drop or feel that the system has run its course, they start looking for new systems. If they knew that in 12 months there would be a new, maybe partially compatible system, so no learning required and some old hardware can be reused, they might wait for the new system. But without any informations, and that’s how A&H is handling things right now, they (like I) will be looking for other manufacturers. So instead of an “maybe/maybe not” iLive2 I will buy a Yamaha CL3. Yes, it’s more expensive than a T112 with iDR48, but the pure mentioning of getting a CL3 made several customers ask about when it will be available. So, A&H, it is easy: Give us a roadmap or see us take our business elsewhere. I’m surely not the only one thinking that way.