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Same discussion a few months ago:

Come on guys, do you expect an 8 years old digital mixer to keep up to date with the latest generation? My new cheap phone is much faster and more powerful than my iPad 1, and I cannot run the latest OS X on the iPad, but that’s technology for you!

As mervaka says in that thread,

It’s been developed into a stable, maturity platform with way more features than the original specification envisaged.

Did people complain with Yamaha because features were missing from the PM5D? Or they just waited for a replacement? Personally I’d be happier knowing that the A&H guys are working on a new iLive, rather than trying to squeeze in features. Guess what, they probably are, but why on earth would they tell us? If you want to sell the current Merc C-class, you can’t say much about the new one coming next year!