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I’m not impressed by who is using an iLive system for their tour. I don’t care about that, I’m not making money with their tours. The bitter thing is I bought two systems from the top line and I get the WORST support of all A&H systems at the moment. No new features for now. I loose more and more customers because they are missing features on the iLive systems from other manufacturers have or even the GLD has. At the moment I can’t charge more for an iLive system than other companies around charge for GLD systems.

Please A&H, you have to reconsider your priorities. Top class products deserve top class support and development, but currently it’s the other way around. Qu gets release after release. Is this fair to us who have paid four to ten times the price of a Qu and paid for a long time basic thing like an iPad app? I don’t think so. If things stay the way they are, fulfilling none of the suggestions we as users have, I will sell the iLives and the replacement surely won’t be from A&H, because I’m only fooled once!

Some easy noticeable basic things:
It is not our fault that the same number of people previously only resposible for iLive now have to develop for three systems. The system was sold with a promise of continuing development. If the system is now at the end of possible development because the hardware is maxed out, offer us an UPGRADE path (NOT a downgrade path to GLD or Qu if we want features like multitracking, better useability etc.) and inform us about it in advance. A nice first thing would be a replacement for the R72, which is a bad joke for the price compared to what one gets buying a Qu16. New surfaces all around next, incorporating new ideas for handling other manufacturers already have. Getting rid of ACE in the process and using Dante instead. There’s much to do, but at the moment it seems A&H doesn’t like to play with the big boys anymore. Well we’ll see…