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Thanks for the comments Nicola, Its good to know its still a relevant product as far as A&H is concerned. Though, What concerns me with what you said is the part about “At the moment our R&D resources are fully committed to other projects…“. I suppose I could be nitpicking semantics, but if all of the resources are commented elsewhere, it seems to me that iLive is just another product in a growing line up and not really a flagship, top of the line product. R&D will get to it when they get to it…

I can go spend $10k or less on a GLD/Qu system and get all kinds of R&D support and new features etc. Or i can go drop $50k on a “top of the line” “S” surface with all the bells and whistles and watch the GLD users get the features I’ve been requesting…

I don’t mean to be down on it and I am gratefully for the bug fixes and patches, it just seems like iLive is the forgotten older child while the “newborns” get all the attention.