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Hey Nicola, i don’t think it’s a problem that dB Values are displayed.. i think there is a problem with “self-moving faders”! I saw that last saturday at a friends GLD-80! Without touching any fader (and as well no iPad connected) the dB Value of a few channel changed all the time – even it was very slightly! First of all that’s why you can’t read the channel-names.. so a cocnlusion is to hide the dB value – yes – BUT!!! Since you can set your Faders to unity or to zero by pressing the “RESET” button and touch a Fader – there are BIG PROBLEMS! i recognised it when i tried to reset only a PEQ of one channel, so i pressed the reset-button and then the SEL key of the PEQ – while this operation one Fader jumped from -10dB to 0dB!!!! In a live-situation this could be a worst-case! this saturday i have my next gig with newest firmware and i will check this before soundcheck – maybe it’s only a problem if you show the dB values, but if not then its essential to remove (or at least make it disable) this feature to set faders to 0 or unity by pressing reset and move a fader!!

in my opinion.. this “reset-fader” feature is not needed at all – and especially when this problem described above does effect everyone – then we need as fast as possible a fixed firmware!