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I certainly didn’t mean to get into a pi$$ing match on here about this subject. Just offering my thoughts and impressions. I think it is relevant. My point was IF you are happy with something and you know what you are talking about in this business you should know what is good or bad right off the bat. In other words, I feel I have been doing this long enough that I know if A is not good without having to hear B. I deal with this everyday. I have to make decision on quality based on my own judgement without having to always do tests. I feel I can walk into a place and hear it and say yes or nay. I get hired a lot to make those judgements and try to improve on them if they need it. I don’t claim to be any golden ear or know it all expert. Just a lot of time put into it to know what I think or feel is good. I went to a funeral Sat at a church that had just installed an expensive sound system. When the persons on stage began to speak I about choked. It was awful. Horrible quality. I expected much better. I don’t know if the contractor left it that way or the operator just does not know what he is doing. I mentioned it to someone I knew late who went to church there. They were like ‘we just spent a ton on this’. My question was ‘are you happy with the way it sounds?” His answer was that he had not thought a lot about it. He just THOUGHT that was how it was supposed to sound. I was like ‘THERE YA GO’. They don’t know what is good or bad. They just look at what they paid for it.

I have heard some crappy shows with very expensive consoles and speakers and have heard some really good shows with what I would call mediocre stuff. It is a lot about the operator and the sources. And yes I have heard some great sounding shows on M7’s. But as I said, I am very happy with the A&H line up. It pleases me.