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@ GCumbee “Does it sound good to you now?” How is that relevant? The point of an A/B test is to hear if there are any IMPROVEMENTS to be made. My iLive T series mixers sound just fine – but when I use my Precision 8 mic pre’s in the studio (to line inputs on the iLive) there is a subtle improvement in detail and transient response. Using something and being happy with the sound is one thing … making it sound better is another and I have definitely heard improvements made with a clock change some years ago in the Studio (Aardvark Word Clock master). Heck – I used to be happy with an old Denon 3 head cassette deck …. knowing full well there was something missing!

It’s interesting the M7 sounded better with an external clock (could it sound worse? LOL). I have also wondered if the iLive sound would change much with a different clock. Have not noticed any difference when Dante is clock master but then I have not done an A/B test either. With pro audio I think we always need to ask “Can it sound better?” because without that attitude – it likely won’t.