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I see your point on linking the outputs. With 16 DCAs I’ve always had plenty to burn one for my main outs. I suppose the work around for you is that you could use 2 mono mtx for the L/R or you could run your sub mtx in stereo. I agree though that it would be nice to be able to link stereo and mono faders.

Feeding 4 sends to SMAART would be really handy. I’m using SMAART 5 though and only have a stereo interface. Someday I’m going to upgrade… someday…

Of course, it would be really nice if A&H incorporated some of the SMAART functionality into the iLive2.

GEQs on IP seems archaic I know. However, I do get visiting BEs in who are used to having GEQs or request GEQs be patched to inputs. Also, when doing corporate work with lots of lavs on stage having GEQs would be nice. When it happens now I route them through a group, then return that group (via patch cable) to an IP so it can still be sent to an FX. I don’t like doing it that way. Groups should be assignable to FX and GEQs should be something that I can insert wherever. The easy fix is to add GEQ as an FX type. It would seldom get used, but it seems like it would be an easy feature to add.

The iPAD app is really great. I use it nearly every show. But it lacks lots of key features for me. I need pre-amp control of my xDR, FX parameters, PAFL selection, softkey emulations, and some basic scene functions (update and recall would do it for me).