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Hard to know quite what might have happened here..
You can actually record to stereo Qdrive (and multitrack) and stream to USB B simultaneously.. it works..under 1.4 firmware anyway.. A&H don’t promote this feature so whether it works in all cases I don’t know.. but this might not be your problem.

I Q-DRive stereo record records from the mixer LR main mix post fader by default.
If you have a recording with no signal on Stereo Qdrive then either
a) the drive was not working properly– (did you format it first and did the QU recognise and present the drive capacity etc properly (under utils)?) OR
b) it was working but LR was muted or faded out.. (were you sending to a PA with the mixer using the LR main mix ok?)

I suspect that if you are getting a recording via the USB B but it sounds crap then either
a) you have a fault OR
b) you have really bad clipping somewhere- are you familiar with the desk.. did you set the channel trims correctly?

And yes, you can record to another device using Aux outs or the 2Track out which follows the LR mix post fader but I’d be working out what went wrong last time as a priority.

Hard to help without more info. If you describe your set up a bit may be able to advise so more.
Hope you get it sorted